Size Guide (Men's Shirts)

Men's regular fit shirts

• Our shirts are a regular fit. They are NOT a slim fit
• Fit also depends on the fabric - Mul cotton shirts feel more spacious compared to Ikat shirts in the same size

Shirt size Your chest (in) Shirt chest (in)
Shirt shoulder (in)
36/XS 36-37 40 16.5
38/S 38-39 42.5 17.5
40/M 40-41 44.5 18.5
42/L 42-43 47.5 19.5
44/XL 44-45 50 21
46/XXL 46-47 53.5 22

 How to use the size chart
• You can pick the size your normally wear in regular fit shirts. OR
• You can measure your chest and pick the shirt size that's closest to your chest circumference. If your chest circumference is 36-37 inches, pick size 36/XS; if your chest is 42-43 inches, pick size 42/L
• To measure yourself, use a tape measure held around the widest part of your chest under the armpits. Then compare that with 'Your chest'
• 'Shirt chest' is the garment chest measurement of our shirts. You can measure a shirt you own and then compare its chest measurement to that of our shirts
• Our cotton shirts are handmade and there might be minor differences in size

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